Friday, October 17, 2008


This is simply absurd. The McCain team, when questioned about William Timmons and his lobbying on behalf of Saddam Hussein, allow Ben Porritt to give this response:

I’m actually not too familiar with his history, but what I do know is that throughout our campaign, we’ve talked about this a lot, we’ve had no associations with any lobbyists on our campaign, and I think there’s questionable associations with Barack Obama that needs to be addressed before we even get into talking about the transition.
No associations with any lobbyists? At the last count McCain had at least 164 ex-lobbyists working for him.

The McCain team are now suspending any relationship that they have with reality altogether.

In their world they have no relationship with lobbyists and Palin is qualified to take over leading the free world at a moment's notice. This campaign is simply fantastical.

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