Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CNN: McCain Campaign Pushed 'B' Hoax

Further proof that it was the McCain campaign that pushed this false story.


JJ said...

Hi Kel,

We just got back from two weeks in the US, and despite being over there while this was all going on I hardly noticed it on the news at all! Maybe I was caught up a bit with the conference because Paul knew about it.

Nothing surprises me about this campaign anymore...

As a slight aside, I know the plural of "anecdote" is not "data", but as of this morning, two of my ex-pat American friends have posted Facebook updates saying that their absentee ballot hasn't arrived. One is a TX voter currently in Germany and the other is a NE voter currently in Canada. Both plan to vote for Obama.

Have any of your other readers heard of the absentee ballots not being sent out in time? TX and NE are both pretty damn red, but the conspiracy theory cynic in me wonders if they have been a bit lax with the absentee ballots because presumably if you manage to make it as far as Canada or Germany you're probably fairly liberal and likely to vote for Obama.

I really hope it's a coincidence.

Kel said...

I've heard nothing about absentee ballots going missing but nothing surprises me anymore.

They have been trying everything including using home foreclosure lists to seek to block residents from voting.

For a party that invades other nations ostensibly to spread democracy they seem to have some difficulty with all Americans enjoying the same privilege.