Saturday, October 04, 2008

Celebrity is allowed again, because Sarah's become one!

This ad ran today in the Washington Post and Daily Kos are pointing out that they actually did forget to name the famous person who said the quote.

Absolutely hilarious. At first, I thought maybe they were just teasing us with the name of the "Famous Person". But, nope, they really did forget to swap in a real person.
It turns out the loon who wrote this was Peggy Noonan. The McCain campaign can't see what the problem is:

"Is she not a famous person?" asked McCain campaign blogger Michael Goldfarb, queried about the ad. Given an assent that Noonan is, indeed, famous (or, at least, famous in political circles), he continued, "OK, so what's the problem?"

"If there's no factual inaccuracy, I don't know what the problem is," he added.

My problem is that being a celebrity used to be a very bad thing to be. It used to suggest that the person was "not ready to lead."

But suddenly Palin is a "star" - and is called as much by a "famous person" - and the campaign is running ads about it? After all the flak they threw at Obama for his "celebrity status" am I the only one who finds this utterly perverse?

I can't think of any other campaign that has picked up and put down strategies as much as this one. They literally change what they are about every five or six days.

One day they are for deregulation, the next day they favour regulation. Obama's nothing but a celebrity, which proves his vacuousness; the next day "Sarah is a "star", isn't that fabulous?!"

McCain doesn't have a strategy, that's becoming painfully clear. He's blatantly making it up as he goes along.

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