Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama: Honour.

It's Obama's hardest hitting ad yet and I agree with every word of it, but it's still not as hard hitting as some of McCain's worst. It is, however, completely truthful; pointing out the almost historically untruthful campaign which McCain and Palin have indulged in.

The Obama ad went to the heart of McCain's profile. The former navy pilot has built his reputation on abiding by a code of honour in which service to the country comes before personal advancement. The Republican's campaign slogan is Country First. The decision to go after McCain's character reflects nervousness within the Obama camp over the extent of the Republican poll gains and Sarah Palin's popularity.

Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, also concentrated on McCain's personality during a speech in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. He recalled that McCain had been the victim of scurrilous attacks during his unsuccessful battle for the Republican nomination against George Bush in 2000. "And now, some of the very same people and the tactics he once deplored his campaign now employs," Biden said.

I'm glad to see that, at last, they are prepared to attack McCain's supposed "honour", especially as he is now actively working with the very people whose actions he previously deplored when they smeared him and his family to get Bush the nomination over himself. McCain has been the victim of this kind of dishonesty, and promised to campaign with honour, which makes the way he has fought this election all the more deplorable.

I've said it before, but this campaign is the most dishonest I have ever seen in my life with McCain and Palin both repeating things which they know to be untrue.

Obama calling them on this is long overdue. Even the press have started saying that McCain is campaigning on lies. And it has to have become as obvious as the nose on your face before those buggers will call someone on it.

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