Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama and McCain: Who do they want to tax?

This chart says all that you will ever need to know about the difference between McCain's tax policy and Obama's. McCain literally wants to save the rich from taxation and Obama wants to save those less well off from taxation.

What amazes me is that so many middle class Americans don't see this theft which McCain is proposing and that some of them actually vote for this crap.

McCain has been telling a lot of lies about Obama's plan to tax Americans but it's really obvious from this chart that Obama wants to give tax breaks to the poorest members of society and McCain is most concerned with the finances of the wealthiest of Americans; in other words people like himself. He's proposing giving more tax breaks to the top 0.1 percent than he's proposing giving to anyone else. The wife must be pleased.

How obvious do these things have to be before ordinary Americans wake up to the size of the lie McCain is pedalling every time he talks about Obama and taxation?

Hat tip to Ezra Klein.

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