Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain: Our Economy's "Fundamentals are Strong"

He claimed today that, when he said "the fundamentals of our economy are strong", he was talking about "American workers".

This video shows that he has been claiming that the fundamentals were strong for the longest time and he was never, ever, talking about American workers. He's even stressing the need to unleash capitalism and the free market, so that's about a political world view, that's bugger all to do with "the American worker".

McCain is caught with his pants down here and he's desperately trying to cover that fact with fake concern for the "American worker".

If he is such a great ally of the American worker why did he vote against raising the minimum wage 19 times?

Indeed, why did he vote to abolish the minimum wage altogether if he cared so much about "American workers"?

The thing that most astonishes me here is that this charlatan is still in the race. How gullible are some Americans? He campaigned on "experience", then he picked Palin and changed his slogan to "change", which just happened to be the slogan Obama had been running on for the last eighteen months.

So McCain is now officially asking people to vote for change by electing the same party!

It's like a used car salesman telling you that you can't be seen dead in your old Ford... and offering you an old Ford as a replacement.

But, according to the polls, there are some Americans who are dumb enough to buy into that philosophy.

Speaking as a cynical old Brit, I find this astounding. The man is a fake - and he has no message - he just really, really, wants to be President. And some Americans find that a reason to choose to vote for him? Astounding... simply astounding...

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