Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain on The View.

McCain went on a show that should have been a walk in the park, The View, and left himself open to all kinds of questions, none of which he handled very well.

Here he tries to defend his disgraceful lies regarding Obama and "lipstick on a pig", where McCain's only defence is that Obama's ads are doing the same thing, which is simply another falsehood.

Here's The Young Turks take on this:

He also, incredibly, denied that he had flip-flopped, stating that he was the same person with the same principles that he has always held.

The Young Turks take up his ridiculous challenge:

Here we discuss abortion and the constitution. McCain actually admits that he thinks Roe vs Wade was "a very bad decision". I find it astonishing that he can even make this argument in the year 2008. But how badly he defends his position is quite something to behold. And I think The View have done a sterling service in getting McCain to publicly state just how extremist some of his positions actually are. This might delight the Christian right, but women everywhere will be rightly appalled, as the booing audience attest to.

He's given Obama several ads simply in this one interview. Obama should screen him stating that Roe vs Wade is "a very bad decision" all across the US. Sure, the Christian right will love McCain for it, but my bet is that the rest of the country would strongly disagree. No-one likes abortion, but banning it will only drive it into the backstreets, which is infinitely more dangerous.

And we finally end with Sarah Palin and earmarks and Palin's supposed ability to reform Washington. McCain states that Palin never asked for any earmarks since becoming Governor, which is ANOTHER LIE. In the last year alone she requested $200 million in earmarks. Indeed, she is on record stating, "My role, at the Federal level, is simply to submit the most well conceived earmark requests we can." McCain is selling Palin falsely. She isn't what he's claiming she is. Her own record exposes the size of the lie.

As I say, this interview on The View is a TV ad bonanza for Obama if he only decides to show people what McCain actually believes in - driving abortion to the backstreets - and the amount of lies he's willing to tell to get elected.

The ladies at The View did a fine job.

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