Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain is caught with his hands in the till.

It's quite obvious that the Republicans hoped enough Democrats would pass the $700 billion bailout that they could watch the plan being approved but ride on the back of the public's opposition to it by labelling it "Obama's plan". The proof is in the fact that they even produced ads attacking the bill at the very same time as McCain and others were claiming to support it.

The Republican National Committee's new advertisement critical of the the Wall Street "bailout" was produced and sent to television stations in key states before the package failed, officials at two stations said.

The ad taps into deep resentment of the plan, but it comes at a time when the candidate it supports, John McCain, is urging its package, and asking that it not be referred to as a "bailout," but a "rescue."

So, whilst talking of bipartisanship, they were already producing ads attacking the fact that the Democrats voted to support the bill.

The problem? Not enough Dems did. That's why they are so furiously condemning the Democrats now. They wanted to have their cake and eat it. They even produced these gloating ads to emphasise the point.

The problem is that they got the numbers wrong and now they will be held responsible for any financial meltdown which occurs.

And McCain is still claiming that he has always put his country before party? Please. Not since the Smoot-Hawley Act have people gambled so dangerously with their nations well being.

For this lot, despite anything McCain says, party always comes before country. The only thing that makes this moment unusual is that, with their own ads, they have been caught with their hands in the till.

What creeps.

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