Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain Gets Testy On Morning Joe

McCain unravels quite quickly on Morning Joe.

He begins by trying to distance himself from his own remarks yesterday that the "economy is fundamentally sound" by claiming that he was actually talking about American workers, a lie which few will believe.

But it was when Brzezinski asks McCain about an Obama ad which questioned whether or not McCain understood the fundamentals of the economy- and asked whether or not McCain regarded this as fair - that McCain suddenly went off message. I expected him to repeat that he understood the economy very well, but he instead said the American people would decide whether or not Obama's charge was fair and added:

"I still say to you, and I know you are a supporter of Senator Obama, if you would urge him to come and do town all meetings with me as I have asked him to do time after time the whole tenor of the campaign would change."
Brzezinski is visibly taken aback by this charge. Even Joe Scarborough looks shocked. Brzezinski then moves on to McCain's own ads which she describes as "twisting words" and "lies". She finishes by asking, "Isn't how candidate conducts their campaign an sign of how they will run the country?"

McCain, despite a wealth of proof to the opposite, insists that his ads are factual and ludicrously continues to argue that Obama wants to teach kids sex ed before they are taught to read.

As the interview comes to a close, Brzezinski admits that one of her brothers actually works for the McCain campaign:

"Senator," she said, "as a characterized Barack Obama supporter, I take objection. I'll just say, take care of my brother working at the campaign."

"Thanks," replied McCain, "that was a cheap shot."

Republican strategist and former McCain aide Mike Murphy later explained McCain's tone by stating that the McCain campaign feels hostile towards a media which it perceives as being against them.
"I don't think he meant it as an attack," he said. "There's definitely become a mentality inside the McCain campaign which is very hostile for anybody in the media they think is at all favorable to the other side. I think that's mistake. I think they overreact. I think doesn't do McCain well to have that mentality in the campaign. I don't really understand it because it's not his natural way."
The McCain team now think that the media are hostile because they point out the simple fact that McCain and his team are pedalling lies. I think McCain has no idea of just how hostile this is all going to get as he continues to tell lies even after it has been pointed out that he and Palin are lying.

Unlike some others I simply don't think the media are going to lie down and take this. McCain is insulting their and the American people's intelligence. This is not a good strategy.

And this is just a taste of what McCain is leaving himself open to:

McCain will need to understand that facts are simply facts. In an election you just can't get away with this nonsense.

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