Thursday, September 18, 2008

Matthews: Are you a Republican or not?



Chris Matthews takes Republican Eric Cantor and the McCain camp apart for trying to "take off their uniforms and run as if they are not Republicans".

Cantor states that this is no time to "point fingers and lay blame". Well, if it was going well I'm sure that Cantor would be quick to take the credit.

Matthews does very well here to identify the very thing which I find most ludicrous about McCain's campaign; he's fighting for change by trying to get the American public to elect the same party which has been in charge for the last eight years.

They talk as if they are not the Republican party. As Matthews rightly says, it's not something which any of us have ever seen any political party ever attempt: it's essentially running against it's own record.

And it's simply hysterical to hear Cantor say that the government should "help all rather than the select few". Have they done anything else for the last eight bloody years?

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