Friday, September 19, 2008

Kudlow blames "Liberal guilt consciences" for present crisis.

Here's why the Republicans do not deserve to be re-elected. Kudlow blames the present crisis on "Liberal guilt consciences" rather than on the creeps who made fortunes selling homes to people who couldn't afford them and then sold the risk on to others.

When there's a problem one must never blame the money men as too many people associate them with the Republicans. Of course, deep down, Kudlow would love to kick the poor but that's so non-PC, so he kicks the "Liberal guilt consciences" that "forced" banks to sell these people homes, rather than the salesmen who pocketed the profit and then sold on the risk.

The Republicans are obviously aware that this financial crisis could bite them in the ass, so the blame has to be pushed towards Liberals. But this is simply too pathetic for anyone to take remotely seriously.

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