Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kristol names the man to save the day. You'll never guess who...

Bill Kristol is without a doubt the most idiotic ideologue in Washington. The man is wrong so often that it staggers me that he is still sought out for his opinion. Here he is talking about the current crisis on Wall Street and how it must be fixed and by whom:

No one wants to take ownership of the task of rescuing the economy right now. The Bush-Paulson plan has failed. The administration, House Democrats, and House Republicans (above all) have all proved unable to deliver. But there is someone who might be able to save the economy--and incidentally the Republican party: John McCain.

He should come back to D.C. But this time he needs to take charge--either by laying out the outlines of his own plan, or presiding over meetings at which a real plan that can pass is cobbled together. He might also insist on the immediate passage of a couple of provisions (raising or removing FDIC insurance limits, for example) that could mitigate the damage that could be done over the next few days.

It’s time for McCain to act decisively, and to lead, as he did with the surge. No one else seems up to it.
It's actually hard to read that without laughing. Does he have no memory of what happened the last time John sailed into Washington to sort this out? He buggered the entire thing up. And what does he mean when he states that:
The administration, House Democrats, and House Republicans (above all) have all proved unable to deliver.
The Democrats did deliver. 66% of them voted to pass the bill, it was the Republicans who voted against this bill. McCain couldn't lead his own troops out of the trenches. And Kristol now thinks that McCain, having failed to deliver the Republicans when they were needed, is now the only man who can make this work?

That's ridiculous. It's frankly the kind of nonsense that Kristol is paid to produce; ignore reality and just keep pumping out inflated Republican propaganda.

Thankfully, even fellow journalists are calling out Kristol's stupidity here:
Per Kristol: John McCain flies back to Washington and finds a way to get the bailout passed. The markets recover; the papers trumpet McCain's heroism, and he's elected by a thin margin in November. Unfortunately, I'd place the odds against this happening at roughly - oh, what the hell, I'll just choose a really large number at random - seven hundred billion to one.
I know that Kristol has a very hard job attempting to apply Republican spin to every single situation, but even by his abysmally low journalistic standards, this is a joke.

Click title for Kristol's silly argument.


nunya said...

Billy sez
"It’s time for McCain to act decisively, and to lead, as he did with the surge"

Gah. I am sooooo sick of "the surge" (worked) rhetoric. The only reason it looks like the surge worked is because of ethnic cleansing in neighborhoods throughout Baghdad. Sunni Baghdad Dark on Satellite;
Kagan Proved Wrong Again

Kel said...


I have written many times about the fact that it's only because of ethnic cleansing and the building of walls that the violence went down.

And what McCain is missing is that the surge is over. The Iraqis are no nearer to political reconciliation, so what's McCain's plan now? The truth is that he doesn't have one. "No retreat" is about as near as he ever comes to enunciating a plan.