Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jewish Voters Report Calls Disparaging Obama

During the South Carolina primary Karl Rove threw one of the dirtiest and most infamous attacks in modern politics:

Rove invented a uniquely injurious fiction for his operatives to circulate via a phony poll. Voters were asked, "Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain...if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?" This was no random slur. McCain was at the time campaigning with his dark-skinned daughter, Bridget, adopted from Bangladesh.
This prevented McCain from taking South Carolina and allowed Bush to take the Republican nomination.

It appears that McCain has learned well from that experience:

The Jewish Council for Education in Research says at least two women in separate states were push polled, or asked questions intended to influence voters while pretending to take a poll, on Sunday afternoon from a caller who said he was from Research Strategies.

Joelna Marcus says she became uncomfortable when the caller asked if she was Jewish, whether she was Orthodox and how often she attends synagogue.

The caller then asked if Marcus would be influenced if she learned that Obama had donated money to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The caller also asked how she would vote if she learned that someone on the Illinois senator's staff had close ties to Palestine.

Marcus, a 71-year-old former college professor, said she was furious.

"I said you're not polling me. This is un-American. This is unacceptable," said Marcus, a snowbird who lives in New Jersey and has a house in Key West. "And then this is the scary part. He said if you had not said that you were Jewish, you would have been disqualified."

There has been much written about the levels of dishonesty which the McCain campaign have indulged in and the awfulness of the tactics which they employ; but, even by their spectacularly low standards, we have hit a new bottom.

Disgusting. And from someone who has had such smearing used against him - and his daughter - it is unforgivable.

McCain has no honour.

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