Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It makes no sense.

The Independent newspaper are reporting this morning that women are flocking to the McCain ticket in droves simply because of the addition of Sarah Palin to that ticket.

Here's what they say:

Democrats may not want to believe it but there is fresh evidence that the addition of Sarah Palin, the "hockey mom" Governor of Alaska, to John McCain's ticket is winning him women voters in droves.

In a tidal shift that could prove decisive, enormous numbers of women who previously favoured Barack Obama have had their heads turned since the introduction of Mrs Palin, according to a new ABC/Washington Post poll.

However, it is the hockey mom wars that will preoccupy the generals of both camps. While white women favoured Mr Obama over McCain before the conventions by 50-42 per cent, the picture today is dramatically reversed, according to the Washington Post/ABC survey. Now they back Mr McCain 53-41 per cent. That is a 20-point change.

Well, this Democrat not only doesn't want to believe it, I simply refuse to believe it. There is simply no way that the reported 20% change can have taken place simply because the person on the Republican Vice Presidential card happens to a woman. A woman who is against all women having any choice over their own reproductive system.

This a rogue poll, it has to be. I refuse to believe that women all across America would vote for someone who holds views as toxic as those which Sarah Palin holds. She would ban the right to abortions even in cases of rape and incest. Those can hardly be universal views amongst American women.

I also note that the Obama campaign is treating this latest poll with profound scepticism.

"Your poll is wrong," David Plouffe, the Obama campaign chief flatly told a Washington Post reporter on hearing the numbers. "I don't think you'll find many others that back up a 20-point reversal. We certainly are not seeing any movement like that. Polls, from time to time, particularly on the demographic stuff, can have some pretty wild swings."

McCain took a gamble that some disgruntled Clinton supporters would ignore Palin's views and vote for her simply as revenge for Obama's victory, and there is some proof that certain members of PUMA have gone along with this butchered logic.

But the notion that 20% of women across the board have put their brains up their asses in order to vote for another woman strikes me as absurd.

Especially to vote for a woman who holds views which many women find to be abhorrent. I simply can't bring myself to believe this.

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michaelwilson said...

I agree "It makes no sense"!
Usually, when it doesn't make sense - it's because it is not true.

I use a widget to keep track of the progression of polls. It still shows that Obama will win! The widget shows the election polls by strength of states.
In addition to other different graphical visualizations of data, this one displays the progression of votes over time.

It gives a great overview and it is updated as the polls come in!

... and its easy to put on your blog!

Make a difference, keep on voting!

Kel said...

Thanks for that Michael. I'll go and get the widget now!