Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hannity lobs Soft Balls to Sarah Palin.

Hannity and Colmes is Fox News' attempt at fairness. Hannity pushes the right wing view and Colmes is, supposedly, the left's attempt to level the playing field. It is telling that Palin is only interviewed by Hannity, with even the extremely soft Colmes sidelined.

The result was an infomercial, which was shameless even by the low standards of Fox News. For example, she repeats the lie that when John McCain said "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" that he was talking about "the American workforce", and it's a lie which Hannity accepts without question.

Here Olbermann sums the interview up in 62 seconds. My intention was to post the entire thing here, but it's such a waste of time that I am not going to bother.

Pravda did propaganda that was more subtle than this shit.

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