Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halperin gives his scorecard for the last week.

In a week which has seen the momentum of the campaign swing back towards Obama, Mark Halperin has stated on his page in Time that McCain was the victor of this last electoral week.

I seriously hope he means that. And that McCain takes this seriously, as I think that this is simply delusional.

Halperin gives victory to the Democrats in one area; the economy. And victory to the Republicans on momentum, image and tactics.

I think it is utterly hysterical that, in the week of economic turmoil which has just passed, that he thinks any of the other areas had any bearing at all on where voters instincts currently are.

McCain has spent the last week looking ridiculously out of his depth, claiming that the economy was "fundamentally strong" and then having to do an embarrassing U-turn and pretend that, when he made this ludicrous remark, that he was talking about "the American worker", a constituent that McCain's voting record has consistently been against.

McCain has led in the polls since the Republican Convention, yet he suddenly finds himself trailing according to Gallup by five points, and yet Halperin considers this week a victory for McCain.

All I can say is that I genuinely hope he has many more weeks just as successful as this one.

Click title for Halperin's scorecard.

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