Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GOP A-Hole Gets Drugged and Robbed

At first I thought this video must be a pastiche:

In an interview filmed the afternoon of Sept. 3 and posted on the Web site, Schwartz was candid about how he envisioned change under a McCain presidency.

“Less taxes and more war,” he said, smiling. He said the U.S. should “bomb the hell” out of Iran because the country threatens Israel.

Asked by the interviewer how America would pay for a military confrontation with Iran, he said the U.S. should take the country’s resources.

“We should plant a flag. Take the oil, take the money,” he said. “We deserve reimbursement.”

A few hours after the interview, an unknown woman helped herself to Schwartz’s resources.
He now claims that he was "joking around" during this interview.Yeah, cos it's utterly natural to "joke around" about bombing and killing people. Oh no wait, he was at the Republican Convention; that probably is totally natural in those circles.

Hat tip to Booman.

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