Monday, September 29, 2008

Damned with faint praise...

From the fawning title, "The Mac is Back" one knows that Roger Simon was trying to be helpful, pointing out that in his opinion, McCain won the debate. However, as he was heaping on the compliments he also cited this as a reason for why we should all agree that McCain did well:

Sure, McCain is a pretty old guy for a presidential candidate, but he showed the old guy did not mind mixing it up. He stood behind a lectern for 90 minutes without a break — you try that when you are 72 — and he not only gave as good as he got, he seemed to relish it more.
That seems to me to be a very good reason as to why he shouldn't be the next president. We've now to applaud the fact that he can stand for ninety minutes? Has the bar ever been set so low?

As I say, I think Simon is trying to be helpful, but with friends like that....

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