Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Breakthrough Night for Obama.

Madeleine Albright:

Tonight was a breakthrough for Senator Obama, who showed himself truly ready to be president. He responded knowledgeably, thoughtfully and confidently to the toughest questions on the economy, Iraq, and terror. Meanwhile, Senator McCain spent so much time attacking his opponent, he neglected to show how a McCain-Palin administration would differ from Bush-Cheney. As a result, Obama answered the threshold question about his candidacy; McCain did not.
Succinctly and beautifully put. Obama came across as presidential while McCain appeared distinctly grumpy and often resorted to throwing casual insults, as if he was in some way outraged that this young whipper-snapper could possibly be leading him in the polls.

He constantly tried to portray Obama as somehow naive and unready when Obama's grasp of detail was obvious for all to see.

And the fact that McCain couldn't bring himself to ever look at Obama spoke volumes.

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