Saturday, September 06, 2008

Biden: The Republican silence was deafening.

Biden shows Palin what a real pit bull looks like. No wonder she's ran back to Alaska.


Ingrid said...

what do you talk about when you have NOTHING TO SAY?? You talk about the other guy!!


Kel said...

Amen, Ingrid. And the good thing is that Obama predicted it during his acceptance speech. Eight weeks of these tiresome attacks to come. And they'll get nastier the longer this goes on and McCain trails in the polls.

Ingrid said...

ps..linked to this.. I tell you, you are golden Kel, you are a consummate writer/ can you even work? Do you have a life at all? A telly??
ya have someone shopping for groceries? lol..
seriously, you are like a short cut to finding info and as much as I do find my always have such wealth of info here..I gave you a little 'acknowledgement' on my site..when you read it, you'll know what I mean..



Kel said...


I read it and responded. I happily accept the honour. I love the United States and simply want it to return from wherever Bush misplaced it.

Republican nutcases never understand that it is they who we despise here in Europe, not Americans.

We want a world where international law matters, they want a world where they can rip up the rules as they see fit.

It's not surprising that we disagree.

So this "honorary American" thanks you for the compliment from the bottom of my heart.

The reception Barack Obama received in Europe is the proof that we love America; but as Clinton beautifully put it, we love an America that leads by the power of it's example rather than by the example of it's power.

susan said...

Ingrid linked to it and I clicked on it. Thanks so much for posting a video clip I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Kel said...

Thank you Susan for stopping by. I hope you'll return soon.

Marty Parrish said...

Ah, that Joe!

Ya'll ain't seen him get wound up yet.

Wait till he really gets excited.

Marty Parrish
Former Biden for President, Inc.
Office Manager, Iowa Operations, USA

Kel said...


If I remember correctly we've spoken before. Are you the guy who asked McCain if he called his wife a c---?

If so, we need people with your balls more than ever man!

Lets all work to get Obama elected!