Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biden: McCain Lost and It'll Be Fatal.

Since being named as Obama's choice for the VP, Biden has been on fire every time I have found a clip of him. This is no exception. He simply takes McCain apart here.

And what a stark contrast Obama's choice for VP is to McCain's choice. Apparently, they decided that she couldn't be trusted to even speak tonight so they passed the baton to Giuliani.

Judgement. Biden proves that Obama has it in spades.


Marty Parrish said...


And I would have to advise Joe to use the soft gloves on October 2nd with Ms. Palin. She is completely out of her league.

There are signs that she may be realizing it too. Unfortunately for her, the only person she can blame for setting her up to fail is John McCain.

His track record with respect to the way he treats women is beyond the pale anyway.

Kel said...


As always it's good to have you on here.

I agree that the media are going to insist that Biden goes easy on Palin, but I regard that as sexist. No-one ever had to go easy on Thatcher or Golda Meir or even Hillary Clinton. They were more than capable of looking after themselves.

And I agree that the culpability here lies with McCain not with Palin. I'm sure she's perfectly capable of carrying out the tasks required of a governor of Alaska, her problem is that McCain has elevated her way above her capabilities.

And Biden, for reasons that wouldn't exist were Palin as capable as Thatcher, Meir or Clinton, will have to be careful.

And he shouldn't have to be. She's not running to the town librarian, she's running with the possibility that she might one day be handed the nuclear codes.

It's disgraceful that McCain has made such a reckless choice. That choice alone should doom his attempt for the presidency.