Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Podhoretz v. Zakaria

Every enemy America faces is ALWAYS the new Hitler and every country the new Nazi Germany. It's simply tiresome...

As TPM stated:

It's almost an insult to what the world faced in the late 1930s. Germany, industrial powerhouse, with arguably the most powerful army in the world, at the forefront of technology, overawing and invading neighboring countries. Iran, minor economic power, second or third-rate military power, which may get a couple of small nuclear-weapons compared to the couple hundred high-end nuclear warheads in Israel's arsenal (plus, a robust second strike capacity, as Fareed notes) and the many thousands we have -- and our blue water navy, satellites, air force. Please. Time's running out for us? We're going to look back on this fifty years from now and see the non-podhoretz-loons as the Chamberlains of the day? I don't know what to say. Just watch .

And Podhoretz makes it very clear that he believes Bush will attack Iran before he leaves office.


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